“The Man Of Sin” – The Return of Barack Obama, Persecution & Martyrdom For The Church

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Today’s word: Barack Obama will return to power. In his day the church will be greatly diminished, many will fall under his vicious style of government. God will purify His people and bring many home, but those who remain will be strengthened through persecution into an iron breed of pure Christianity. A Harvest of new believers will flow into the church but many who confessed Christ will fall away. “Obama will rise among you, says the Lord, you will see it with your own eyes. He will destroy greatly among you, you shall see it with your own eyes.” This is the word of the Lord, let us seek His face for understanding.

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The Obama Deception-(He’ll be Back in Power Again with a Different Hat on)

Meet the New Boss…who looks Suspiciously like the Old Boss…will we be Fooled again? Hopefully not! Jesus said “Let no man deceive you.” (or woman for that matter)
Americans need a refresher course in recent history…especially Millennials , who probably weren’t taught any of this by their Marxist’s college professors. However.. previous administrations since JFK were leading up to, and setting the stage for Obama, the most un-American President in US history. What’s worse…he never really left. He’s been lurking in the shadows the entire time. I had a feeling when he left office that he’d be back, in a very important and high ranking position, such as the President of the UN, which now I believe will eventually morph over into the OneWorldGovernment, aka NWO.