GRAPHIC PROPHECY- “What You Never Heard Before” – Mystery Babylon, The Land Of Evil Princes

THINGS TO NOTE: This prophecy refers to the entire U.S.A. Every single state, state capital, political group, LOBBYISTS, the medical field, the criminal justice system including law associations, judges and the police, THE MILITARY, THE CHURCHES, NGOs, THE UN, human rights organizations – ALL OF THEM ARE GUILTY. The hunt for flesh takes place even in the White House and has for more years than I’ve been alive. Occasionally scandals spill over like Chappaquiddick and the Lewinsky debacle, but somehow America always has amnesia and life goes on as normal. These bitter sufferings of those on the lower levels, the husbands who don’t comply and are persecuted, fired or have their entire lives destroyed, or even the ones who agree because of terrible pressure but then regret like in Indecent Proposal- God sees it all. The Heavenly Father hates the sex trade and flesh trade, He hates all forms of injustice, persecution and duress. So to all who have wondered why the punishments and judgements will be SO HARSH, it’s because of things like this.Today’s word: Prophecy reveals secrets and today’s secret exposes the world of sexual predators in the halls of power. In Washington D.C. and EVERY STATE CAPITAL, as well as every place of leadership, flesh is traded for power and a leg up the ladder. Powerful families are destroyed as they pay the price and many innocent lives are lost due to this embedded sex trade. Sexual immorality has made America weak and rotten, that’s why she will fall. In the end Mystery Babylon will be broken before the whole world- this is the word of the Lord. Full prophecy can be seen on the blog:…​ Other pages to visit on the blog: PROPHECY:​ Follow this channel- click subscribe and then hit the notification bell for updates. If you would like to support this ministry it’s appreciated. Kindly use Paypal if you can or contact me at Cashapp —- $Celestial44 Paypal ——-

Secondly: a word on LOBBYISTS. Understand that the operation of government should be a wheel greased by the votes of citizens as they choose representatives who are supposed to bring their concerns to the round table and work on them, so that in each town and city of America the rules of play more or less match what the citizens are most concerned about. However the corruption of this system of government by allowing lobbying and the constant interference of special interest groups now means that elected reps ARE FOR SALE. They receive gifts on and off the record and in exchange offer their clout, influence and votes for sale to whoever has family tickets to Mexico, rare cigars, or hard-to-access season tickets to their favorite games. This is the worst form of wickedness because it means citizens have to watch in sorrow as the projects in their state go directly against their wishes OR do not address their most urgent needs, all because the people they sent to D.C are paid for by LOBBYISTS. Thank you for taking the time to read these comments. God bless.