“The Denomination Blues”

For what are you in love with, says the Lord? What are you in love with: your religion, your God? Have you fallen in love with your denomination? Or have you fallen in love with Jesus?

Look unto the gospels—where into He has serve you, that is, the Lamb of God—He has served you in faithfulness and holiness. Where in that time did He say create a denomination? Look and see if I created one! Look and see if I created one!! Look and see!!!

Follow My apostles in the Word. Follow the apostle Paul. Follow the apostle John. Follow any apostle you wish! Where did they create a denomination? What denomination was it?

For I did not create a denomination, and neither did they! For those things are of the world and they are of the spirit of the world. But I tell you I am of the Spirit of truth, says the Lord, and I want you of the Spirit of truth.

Seek the Word and the things of the Word. Seek the Word. Seek the glory of the Lord. And as you do this, I shall seek you to lead you into the fullness of truth, and the fullness of the glory, and the fullness of heaven to come.