They’ve Always Known Sanctions Would Cause the Food Shortages

Stock up on emergency supplies now:

There is absolutely nothing shocking about Joe Biden coming out today and saying that food shortages would hit most of the world, including the United States. We’ve known the sanctions against Russia would cause this since long before Russia even invaded Ukraine, just as I was saying before the war.

In fact, we knew two things for certain:

Sanctions would destroy America’s and the Western world’s economy
Sanctions would NOT dissuade Russia from invading nor would they pressure Russia into retreating

Some people knew these things to be true despite the desire to “do something” prompting a portion of people “in the know” to support sanctions. Most were oblivious (my readers and listeners notwithstanding) to this fact and thought of sanctions against Russia in the same way that they think of virtue-signaling hashtags on Twitter. Supporting sanctions was the safe stance even if it was clearly destructive to our interests. The only thing that mattered to the powers-that-be is that enough people bought into the righteousness of sanctions.

A majority of Americans did.

Picture from the book”The Human face of the Great Depression” by Michael Cannon (Loch Haven Books).

Neo fascism and World Economic Forum — News that matters

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Neo fascism and World Economic Forum — News that matters