Did You Know the “Church” You’ve Been Going to is Not the Real Church?

Listen up church folks, it’s way past time to get a true understanding once and for all, just what “church” is, and what it isn’t. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes some 20 yrs ago to the truth that the organized so-called “church” buildings we all went to, were only a weak and rather powerless counterfeit and not the ekklesia, the True Body of Christ that He, the Lord Jesus ordained.  But we had been taught from childhood, and were convinced in our minds, that because everyone else did church….and that’s the way it’s always been done,  and it had the name of Jesus on it, and the people believed in Him, and believed in the bible, etc, etc, etc, that it must be so….right? Well, that’s not exactly very “Berean like”, is it? If you stop and think about it, without jumping to a usual conclusion, what we were taught, and accepted as fact, truth and right…was only a form of indoctrination that we’d all accepted without question.  (Unfortunately, we’ve been taught a lie. It is NOT the way church was practiced in the beginning, in the Book of Acts, the way Jesus intended and ordained).  Don’t buy into the falsehood that “times have changed and the “church” evolved. The church has changed, but not for the better. However, if this descrbes the way you’ve been doing “church”, I urge you to view this entire video from beginning to end.  You will see that what’s being spoken here is truth. And I can assure you that the truth you will learn here will set you free from the bondage and slavery of this false organized church system once and for all. Jesus Christ is once again calling His people out of Egypt across the Red Sea of denominational Nicolaitanism to join Him in the true Liberty of the Spirit.