LIVE: EXCLUSIVE Look at Pedophile Matrix, Chemtrails and Biblical Floods, Dr. Ardis Reveals Horror

Tuesday, July 5th, The Stew Peters Show is BACK from celebrating the Fourth of July to bring you an OUTSTANDING show to keep you in the patriotic mood!

Dr. Brian Artis is what the Bible refers to as a Good Samaritan. He has picked up the heartbreaking case of Rodney Brooks who is at death’s doorstep due to the improper & CRIMINAL care that the hospital has given him for “treating COVID”.

Dr. Artis joins to speak out on what families all over the world are dealing with now, and how health insurance orgs are just as in on the Globalist scheme is depopulate the earth!


Katie shares that since being on our program, she has had her Facebook profile removed for speaking out about what is happening to her daughter, & what had happened to her son before he had passed away.

Kara’s story is FAR too important to not share on The Stew Peters Show, & we ask that you would share the same!