LIVE: Secret Pfizer Vaxx Kill Plan, Worm Eggs Found in Vials, Holocaust Survivor Blasts Jab Tyranny

Friday on the Stew Peters Show, the scheme of lies, false data, and political divisiveness surrounding the Pfizer bioweapon is finally collapsing. Dr. Robert Malone exposes confidential information directly from Pfizer containing proof of fatal vaccine injuries and an extensive list of extreme adverse events. Don’t miss the premium interview, available through, where Dr. Malone evaluates the data and the dire consequences of the mass jabicide.
Check out Dr. Malone’s new book: Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming
Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew to demolish the bioweapon propaganda, as the shot shills have been finally caught marketing an injectable death wish. Jane also discusses the disgusting discovery by German doctors: there are worm eggs in the vials!
Living through the pandemic has felt like a repeat of the 1930s. Its more than like a parallel, according to Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, who joined Stew to compare Hitler’s tyranny with what America faces with COVID genocide.
And, America First activist Anderson White eloquently stands up for the undeniably beautiful, both geographically, and within its founding principles and history, of our country. He discusses how our National Parks are being used as political footballs, rather than being protected and prese