Russia Committing Genocide? International Law Says – NO. — Helena

According to the UN’s definition of Genocide under International Law, there is much room for interpretation.   Ukraine would have fit the definition to a tee given they targeted an ethnic group in the eastern portion of Ukraine.   That ethnic group consisted of Russian speaking Ukrainians who did not toe the line of hating Russia.   Upwards […]

Russia Committing Genocide? International Law Says – NO. — Helena

NEW ROAR NETWORK SHOW: Maria Zeee Uncensored

There’s something unnatural and weird in these vax’s! Maria Zeee delivers hard-hitting investigative journalism from Australia, the epicenter of the testing ground for the New World Order in the West. Fearlessly exposing the plans of the elites, she warns the world of what is coming if the masses don’t wake up to the reality of the incoming technocratic totalitarianism we are speedily progressing towards.

“I Will Remember Them”, the documentary about the Holodomor-genocide of 1932–33

“Holodomor-Death by Starvation in the Ukraine

The Holodomor Museum presented the new movie “I Will Remember Them”, where the story of the Holodomor and unknown facts about it develop through the questions of 11-year-old Yurko to his father. The main hero is the grandson of Mykhailo Illyenko, the scriptwriter of the “Toloka” movie, which covers 14 important fragments of Ukrainian history, including the Holodomor. After the boy had come to the cinema for the pre-premiere screening of “Toloka” movie, he asked several questions about genocide of Ukrainian people and discussed them with his father. Why did people die? Why did the Holodomor happen? What is genocide? Who is guilty? In the documentary, the mechanisms of the crime, such as “the law of 5 ears of grain”, grain procurement campaign, “black boards”, passport system, and ban for going abroad, are considered in detail. The scientific consultants of the film were well-known scholars: Olesia Stasiuk, Roman Serbyn, Volodymyr Serhiichuk, Vasyl Marochko, Fedir Turchenko, Inna Shugalyova, Myroslava Antonovych, Andrii Kis. The movie was created by the Eurasia Media.