Via Dolorosa-The Road to Calvary

I’ve always loved this beautiful song by Sandi Patty. Traditionally, the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem was the way that the Lord Jesus took on His way to the Cross. Now, they say that He may have taken another route. But does it really matter which path He went? The important issue is that He did, willingly, in obedience to the Father, for you, and me, and us all.

Years ago, I remember reading a National Geographic that had a pictorial article about the yearly observance of Christians walking down the Via Dolorosa in observance of the path they believe the Lord Jesus Christ took on His way to Calvary where He would be crucified. I read, someone cried out from one of the windows above on the street, “They believe, they believe!”. Somehow, I felt those words were prophetically uttered under the unction of the Holy Spirit.. I’ve never forgotten them.

Whether the crowd truly believed they were following the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ is actually irrelevant. What does it prove after all that is of any spiritual value? It was that “They believe, they believe!” which was the touchstone of their faith.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Heb.11-1

an astonishing verse when you think about it…

Funny how that works, but it’s true. Without faith, trying to believe in God would be like sitting in a car without an engine and wondering why you couldn’t get anywhere, must less, being able to receive anything from God. I suppose that’s why atheists struggle and weigh themselves down in their unbelief…… and only hear the sound of crickets chirping.

Faith produces Evidence of the Reality of God