Donald Trump is King Saul-NOT CYRUS!

We may not like this but in view of what’s been going on since the Presidential election, it’s hard to deny it. If you don’t want to believe God is judging America, you will before long, when these disasters, civil and governmental turmoil and discord erupt in a financial and governmental collapse, and an all out holocaust many, many times worse than 9/11.

Donald Trump may be your man of the hour, feeling that he is doing many wonderful Christian- like things for America….and, he may very well be trying to, but he is still not speaking from the Spirit of God.  I believe without a doubt, that during the previous elections, the Lord gave the ungodly and liberal types the president they wanted….Obama. But this election the Lord gave the Christians, (many of them at least), the king they thought they wanted and one who would preserve Christian and American values. However, this king, Trump behaves more like King Saul than he does Cyrus. Christians who were all out in support of Trump should reexamine their reasons for voting for and supporting him…..was it really because they felt he would be a Christian president or was it because they felt he would indeed make America great again and preserve and protect their American comfort zone, and material wealth?

All Americans should be looking unto Jesus, not a man for protection and help. In the times ahead, the Sovereign Lord of all will be the only one who will be able to protect us, as we begin to see these judgments occur.

Psalm 91!

Donald Trump is a Judgment, not a Blessing!


This is probably going to make some people mad, but I am telling you this is 100% the truth. I had my doubts about Trump from the beginning, but came to the place where I realized he was in fact a bad joke, a set -up to the church who believed he was going to be their “King Cyrus” who was going to fix things so they could continue in their comfortable lifestyles. Not so, even before I read this word, today I was thinking how he plays the religion card according to the way his apostate buddies counsel him, (garbage in, garbage out)….. but he is not a repentant Christian according to the true meaning. He is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing who will by his pride, arrogance, and lust for power, foolishly bring about the downfall of America. When Obama was elected, The Sovereign Holy God gave America what they wanted. When Trump was elected, the Lord gave the “church” what they wanted.


“Holy Spirit started pouring words into my spirit. Then I heard the Lord God say…. “WRITE IT daughter. Exactly as you hear it. It is crucial and desperate for people to come to the knowledge of My truth. I am giving the wisdom they need to understand. “.

This is what HE says,. ….

Donald Trump is a JUDGEMENT, not a blessing. God has placed him in power as a judgment against a fallen church and nation. God has placed him to do harm and not good. You argue, “but he is better than Hillary. ”

Listen!!! Could Hillary have deceived the “church”? Of course not because they knew she was a snake…. But Trump has done more spiritual damage than Hillary ever could. He is a two headed snake…

He and his spiritual advisors, including the Pope-loving apostate evangelists, have managed to deceived, if it were possible, even the elect. They have led millions to believe false prophecies and doctrines. They have attacked the very True Remnant of God who were not led astray by their promises of peace and prosperity. His ties to the Jesuits and Freemasonry are only part of his blighted history.

“Christians ” would not have accepted Hillary and maybe would have prayed more and sought truth and Holy Spirit guidance. But instead, they believed a deadly lie and are following and defending one more dangerous.

The fat , lazy and selfish church deserves judgment… And Trump is one of it’s judgments…to be tempted and see how quickly it took the snare, indeed showing its true character. Dangerous it is to one’s soul to be so easily misled!

The evil putrid foul murderous nation also deserves judgment and it will also surely come!

You have no more excuses for believing a lie. Repent and return to the God of truth, and renounce your sin that so easily ensnared you . Trump will continue to deceive. It is his nature, his character, and his mission. He will be responsible for and cause great harm. Repent while there is still time.”