Beware of Club Mysterio and “Trance Dance Worship”

Friends, just when I thought I had come across all the wonky and aberrant cult like weirdness in the Wild Wild West of Christendom, yet another spiritual snow job pops up doing everything it can to convince the gullible, that “yeah, this really is a move of God and the Holy Spirit”…..”never mind the fact that we’re acting it out in a Kundalini serpent spirit, ala Rick Joyner and the now rather passe John Crowder. This is much cooler doncha know?”  NO! Stop! It’s not cooler…it’s just the Techno Trance Dance Craze deceptively wrapped up and being packaged, falsely, as  Christian worship.  Then, of course, we have the New Age Prophetess Patricia King, giving her stamp of approval to the mess.  May I humbly suggest, we not only don’t need to be following 99% of the so-called Christian “Rock Star” Ministries and “leaders”, but we would be better served spiritually to stick to the narrow road, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, and with razor sharp discernment..those and ONLY those the Holy Spirit might direct us to. After examining this, I think you will agree that “Club Mysterio and Ekstasis Dance”  isn’t one of them. That said, I ask prayerfully….please warn others, especially the youth.


 Being one with a heart for young people the “trance formation dance” I’m going to bring to your attention here in this Apprising Ministries piece is a very dangerous thing for anyone to be doing—let alone impressionable youth. As another example of the Impact of Apprising Ministries, Georg Walter had written me asking if he could translate my articles into German, and while I was checking out his website this post caught my eye. Especially after observing the video Dj Caleb Leading Ekstasis Worship and one for something called Shambhala – Ekstasis Dance workshop (both below).

Having personally known some young men who were very much into the “Rave” scene from my coaching days, and being a former Club DJ myself before I met Jesus, I picked up on Caleb’s shtick immediately. I figured there had to be more to all of this, and as I felt led to look further into “Ekstasis,” I saw my friend Carla over at More Books and Things did a piece on this a year ago called New Worship Thing, which proved helpful. Another ol’ friend, Bud Press of Christian Research Service, was also sending a warning a year ago as well.

In his August 10, 2008 Points to Ponder, dealing with false teachers Melissa Fisher, Todd Bentley, IHOP, Caleb Brundidge, and Patrica King, Press tells us that in this opening video of Patricia King and The New Age Ekstasis Dance workshop:

King introduces the smiling Worship DJ Caleb Brundidge who, in turn, introduces Ekstasis worship and “Club Mysterio.” Brundidge takes the viewer into a new realm of worship and dance “into the ecstasy of God.”

At 5:08 into the video, watch the youth as they dance and bounce to the beat of the music, and pay close attention to Caleb Brundidge’s subtle words in the background, especially: “Well the words that we’re speaking become one at a cellular level in your body” and “…it’s no longer that you have to study the word…” (Online source)

Being I’ve been in this field of online apologetics and discernment ministry for quite some time now, just as with other types of Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, I just knew “Christians” had to have borrowed this “Ekstasis Worship” from pagan sources and then attempted to “Christianize” it. Sure enough, this newer form of trance dancing/worship begins as the quasi-Hindu “Kundalini Dance,” which was “developed” by Leyolah Antara Dekanic.

Her website tells us that:

Kundalini Dance is a unique form of ecstatic dance developed and taught by Leyolah Antara Dekanic world-wide over the past 11 years. Kundalini Dance is a practice that is deeply transformational and totally ecstatic, the practice rejuvenates the body, clears old stagnant emotional energy, brings insight and clarity into limiting beliefs and supports the awakening and integration of higher consciousness. Kundalini Dance is a revolutionary new method for self-healing and personal awakening. (Online source, bold hers)

This post is simply to make Christians further aware of the so-called “Ekstasis Worship” because it very likely will be also borrowed and adapted by the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)—and then begin showing up in evangelical Youth Group activities, if it hasn’t already. So here AM will just point out that when we go to the website of Ekstasis: An Ecstatic Dance Experience we find corraboration of the above by Dekanic as well as a reciprocal link back to her Kundalini Dance website.

What we’re dealing are the proverbial peas; though in this case, they’re within the same corrupt spiritual pod. From what I can determine right now it would seem to me that Caleb Brundidge aka DJ Caleb smelled the money followed “powerfully in the prophetic” and then ripped off adapted a “Christian” version of Rave/Trance Formation/Kundalini Dance so we learn “how to become free in worship.” But in reality, this is just another way that gullible undiscerning Christians (at best) are opeing themselves up to a very dangerous dance with the Devil.