Donald Trump is King Saul-NOT CYRUS!

We may not like this but in view of what’s been going on since the Presidential election, it’s hard to deny it. If you don’t want to believe God is judging America, you will before long, when these disasters, civil and governmental turmoil and discord erupt in a financial and governmental collapse, and an all out holocaust many, many times worse than 9/11.

Donald Trump may be your man of the hour, feeling that he is doing many wonderful Christian- like things for America….and, he may very well be trying to, but he is still not speaking from the Spirit of God.  I believe without a doubt, that during the previous elections, the Lord gave the ungodly and liberal types the president they wanted….Obama. But this election the Lord gave the Christians, (many of them at least), the king they thought they wanted and one who would preserve Christian and American values. However, this king, Trump behaves more like King Saul than he does Cyrus. Christians who were all out in support of Trump should reexamine their reasons for voting for and supporting him…..was it really because they felt he would be a Christian president or was it because they felt he would indeed make America great again and preserve and protect their American comfort zone, and material wealth?

All Americans should be looking unto Jesus, not a man for protection and help. In the times ahead, the Sovereign Lord of all will be the only one who will be able to protect us, as we begin to see these judgments occur.

Psalm 91!

God’s Judgment is Here!

Jer. 13:1-11
My son, this evil people who refuse to hear My Words, who walk in vain imaginations of their hearts, and walk after other gods to serve them and worship them, shall be as good for nothing. For I have spoken many times of the coming judgments, but the time to warn is over. My people will now know that I, the Lord your God, have had it with a selfish, stiff-necked people!

My judgments are now falling on this backslidden nation, a nation who once was proud to be called a Christian Nation, but now cannot even draw a breath to utter My Name. This nation who led all other nations in speaking the truth to the lost has now become a nation of lost. My people who once spoke My Word in power and faith now speak as ravenous wolves, only seeking to please the flesh. You are Jeremiah’s girdle – good for nothing!!

The false Hananiah’s telling my people they are all good, it’s the systems that I am judging — LIARS!!! I am bringing my judgements on a backslidden, rebellious Church, where the people who sit in the pews are as lost as the world. Yes, the systems will fall, but the sinful, prideful heart of My people will fall first. The time for warnings is over; now is the time for judgement.

I have given you what you wanted, a king that would tickle your ears and deceive even My very elect. This king does not hear My voice and is being led astray by lies from the Hannaniahs. Those with ears to hear, so be it.

Prepare your houses, be ready, for My Spirit will flow like a mighty river. Many will come to know Me in great revivals, then the fulfillment of My judgments will proceed. Repent now! Reach the lost! Pray for My Mercy, for the day of the Lord is upon you!
Be blessed My Remnant.
Shalom, The Father

By Byron Searle