Food Fight at The Masters Table


Let me preface this post by saying I don’t belong to Facebook, or Pal Talk. I used to belong to Pal Talk a number of years ago. In the beginning I found a group where one could worship the LORD JESUS, and felt the Holy Spirit moving amongst those who gathered there. But that group disbanded for some reason. Since then, lets just say it seems to have become a haunt for every evil spirit out there, with constant infighting, insults, mud slinging and “bouncing out of the room” or “red dotting”, those who disagreed with, or questioned, even innocently, something the speaker is saying. And this, mind you, happens in “Christian” rooms.

After several bad experiences, I decided it wasn’t a healthy environment for spiritual growth and/or fellowship and so, I left and moved on.

Now, about Facebook, as I said, I never felt led to join, and having talked to a number of people about the goings on in even the Christian section of Facebook, I’m glad I didn’t. Really, I have enough on my “plate” as it is without taking on something else that I felt may possibly be a distraction from the LORD.

In any case, this post isn’t about distractions, per se, it’s about how Christians are treating each other on Facebook. And, more than that, how they are not bringing Glory to the LORD, and how they are abusing, even trashing the Master’s Banquet table of love. You see, if you are a Christian, you already know the LORD has prepared a table for you in the midst of your enemies. However, the enemies I’m speaking of, should not be one’s brethren. The word has gotten around how Christians are maligning each other on Facebook.

As I was thinking about the implications of this, a picture emerged in my mind of this massive food fight going on at the Master’s table with HIS PEOPLE who are called by His Name…picking up food from the LORD’S table, and throwing it at their brethren………those who Jesus suffered and died for. Adults, acting like children! Hence, the reason for the picture at the top of the page.

This is not only a waste of good, nourishing food meant to succor and benefit the spiritual body of these folks, but their brethren as well. And, then, it not only made a mess, but ended up on the ground, and was wasted.

Jesus never intended for The Bread of Life to be wasted in this way. And just as importantly, he never ever intended that His children behave in this manner.

Oh, is the worst thing that happened to you this week, that someone unfriended you on Facebook? Really? Or, did someone say something to make you mad and you are hurt and want to lash back because of the slight you endured, or to bring correction their errant and misguided doctrine? Be careful…Jesus, the Righteous One, and Judge, sees what happened, BUT, He is going to be watching to see how you react to it!


OK, if you KNOW FOR SURE, Christ wants you on Facebook, then who am I to say. But….as for indulging in food fights, i.e.; “word fights”, please let it not be so. In Jesus Name