Beware of Cash Cow “Ministries” and “Fat Cat” Money Changers

Since when did the Church become a Business anyway?

Thought you’d heard it all when it comes to the false “Prosperity Gospel” ? Well, think again. It seems these money grabbing charlatans never come to an end of schemes they can come up with to fleece the flock out of their hard earned money. PLEASE! For your own sake,  and that of your Christian brethren, read the brilliant, blockbusting article below exposing the latest rash of get rich quick, (on your money) these wolves in sheep’s clothing have come up with! Jesus never said anything that wasn’t TRUTH, and when He said, “Money is the root of ALL evil”, it was a very serious warning. We know the world system is corrupt and out to steal everything they can, but folks, this sneaky thievery concerns the Church, His Body. Do not be deceived!


Ministry Watch does a good job….as far as it goes, but unfortunately doesn’t even scratch the surface of the plethora of the latest para-church groups that have sprung up since this video was released. Groups that operate seemingly under the radar, as opposed to most of the large mega “prosperity gospel ministries”.

One of these may have recently hung up their shingle in your town as it did mine! About 8 years ago, I happened to be invited to a get acquainted banquet of a new church that had come rolling into the city where I live. The price was $10 for the food, and the guest of “honor” was some other guy who was the main speaker that evening. What I remember so vividly is that the church “leadership” was all grouped at the head of the main table, then the  guest speaker began his speech by dropping a bunch of names he had met personally…one of which was Rod Parsley. That was the first red flag.  You know you can often tell a lot about a person’s eyes, and I can still remember his eyes, not having the soft light of the love of Christ in them, but even in a rather darkened banquet hall, they were glittering and black as pitch. He went on to tell how he was going to “grow” his own new church in another town, on the required tithes of the members he was going to get to subsidize his operation. His entire talk consisted of not one word about Jesus Christ and the gospel, but instead of money, money and more money. This all seemed to meet with the approval of the new local “church” leadership.
I don’t remember now whether the buffet was served before or after his pitch, but I do remember that when it was…the new church bunch and their guest speaker served themselves first. There were a couple of Christian friends who came with me, and collectively, we were shocked and saddened at this entire display of greed and outrageous flaunting of wickedness done in the name of our precious Lord and Savior. What was especially sickening about the entire thing is that this “new church” that had set up camp had as it’s proclaimed ministry purpose, “Reaching the Unchurched for Jesus”. Reading between the lines…or, translation if you will…conning a bunch of babies who didn’t know better, scripturally, into joining up with a “church” who’s real purpose was in enforcing the tithe to support themselves and their greed.

Of course, my friends and I left, and never went back, hearts broken for those innocent babes who were being led like lambs to the slaughter. Prayers went up, and I haven’t checked recently, but I believe this bunch has folded up and left town. Some fly by nights just aren’t as well organized as others…but rest assured, there are still many proliferating, and all under the handy tax exempt 501 C-3 status .

Maybe they all aren’t as obvious and blatant as this group of thieves and money changers, but the point is, we wouldn’t enter into a business deal without first checking up on the other persons character and background, and all the more so, of any “ministry”  with whom you are considering placing you and your family under. And, by the way, that would include the Internet ministries that populate the Internet that are asking for money, even less innocuously, with a PayPal account. I’m not saying all of them are bad, but just suggesting to use godly wisdom and discernment. The following wisdom as stated on the article holds true for any of them!

You don’t know if he’s a gambler, a prescription drug addict, or an abuser of children. You know nothing about the man save for the image that is meticulously crafted, cultivated and finally “beamed” to your campus for your spiritual consumption. Consequently, you don’t truly have a pastor. Instead, you have a pleasing “image,” an “image” that knows how to turn a witty phrase as he delivers a sermon he often didn’t even write by his own hand. 


Be as Jesus admonished his followers, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves”.