I have to get this post out! This is about human cargo, not stuff bound for other countries or even here in the U.S. It’s about kids, taken from their parents or those who were supposed to care for them. Kids treated like a commodity for the amusement of sick, perverted, evil adults. The worst people on this planet. Some of them you may have seen on the news are those who traffic in the bodies and souls of men, and in this case, mere helpless children.

“Out Of Shadows” Movie Expose of Media-CIA-Hollywood Influence of Americans Mindsets

“Out Of Shadows” is the best truth telling video I’ve seen lately. Why? Because it’s exposing and telling the truth behind the corporate mainstream media, the CIA’s connection with Hollywood, the occult in the military, the government, the CIA, and the controlled “elite” in Hollywood, and finally, the truth about the coverup of child pedophilia and child trafficking in the United States, the government and Hollywood. What “The Masters Voice”,, said about redacted information being opened up to a very controlled public is happening as we speak. Even spirit-filled Christians raised in the 50’s, 60’s and later under the influence of television, movies, and the “News”, are having to unlearn their non-Christian programming to better come to the knowledge of the truth. Just because you watched “innocent”, Disney movies, cartoons, or the Hallmark Channel, doesn’t mean you weren’t influenced in some way that bent your mind and thinking processes in a wrong direction.