The Signs of the Falling Away into Apostasy…2019



There is a common thread among the ones who have fallen away from the truth and believe the lies of the enemy……they either abuse the Gifts of the Holy Spirit or deny them. They include popular Pentecostal Evangelists who promote wild manifestations like hysterical laughter, barking like dogs, rolling on the floor or running through “tunnels”, or naming and claiming everything from luxury vehicles and private jets to prospering in romance and (fake) healings. They compromise on everything and align themselves with Catholics and those promoting a one world religion of peace .

On the other end, you have those who deny the Gifts and the workings of the Holy Spirit, going so far as to say they are demonic. They say the Gifts ended with the apostles but cannot give one scriptural reference as to exactly when or who was the last person to receive. The Southern Baptist Conference, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and other mainstream denominations are involved. . In addition to their heresies, many recently erred to the point of endorsing and ordaining gay ministers, have been found to have covered up rampant pedophilia among their clergy, and also have aligned themselves with Catholics and others promoting one world religion of peace.

When anyone abuses or denies the Holy Spirit of God, their core beliefs are wrong. Their doctrines are based upon man made precepts , lies, and perversion of scripture. Therefore they are ripe for deception. They deny or abuse the very Power that is necessary to keep one from being deceived . AVOID them and their teachings! EXPOSE them and warn against them . FLEE from their churches and seek the True Holy Spirit of God who will lead you to all TRUTH.

Mary Fitzgerald Rodriquez

Spiritual Deception in the End Times-Renegade Christians


If you can get past Yaz’s Kim Kardashian stunningly good looks, (and I did, just long enough to see what she had to say about the weird goings on in the “church”), I am staggered that those who call themselves by the Name of Jesus can be deceived by such things……but apparently they are. I can only say, run from such things and warn others not to touch the unclean thing. And man, this is unclean! Christians seriously need to get back into the study of Holy Scripture and on their faces seeking the face of the Holy God.

When Christians are mocked and ridiculed, (as I was), for warning those who were supposed to be discerning and spiritual brethren that Rodney Browne, ( the so-called Holy Ghost bartender) was a fraud and blemish in the house of God, I knew that the apostasy warned about in the bible was upon us.



See what I mean friends?  People are actually buying into these fleshly spiritual lies.