LIVE: Madison Cawthorn EXPOSES Orgy Blackmail DC Cabal, Ukrainian Refugee Reveals Mass Casualties

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Published March 30, 20223,690 Views

Streamed on: Mar 30, 6:00 pm ED

Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall discuss the revelations exposed by North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn, including confirmation of DC debauchery involving prostitutes, cocaine, and blackmail. The team relates the information to what has been learned about the satanic elite gatherings at the Bohemian Grove outside San Francisco, California.
Ukrainian refugee Eric Lujan details the mass losses in Zelensky’s war with Ukraine, and shares a harrowing story of survival, as his family fled the city of L’viv after a Russian hypersonic missile liquidated the main headquarters for foreign fighters in country.
Based black Christian father Reggie Amerson, aka ‘King Knub’, discusses the attack on his family, including getting fired from his job, after he dared to challenge Dave Rubin’s perversion.

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