Zelensky Says Ukraine Ready To Fight Russia For ’10 Years’ As US Sends New Weapons

Zelensky appears to be too busy giving interviews to focus on peace talks with Russia that could save his people—all while the Biden Admin is telling its allies the same thing the Pentagon is telling its weapons contractors: that the war won’t be coming to an end anytime soon… Support My Work: https://www.paypal.me/RachelBlevins1

Scarlett’s note: Moscow has already sent Washington DC a message to stop sending the Ukraine more weaponry. The Biden administration would do well to heed this warning, but as usual, they’re arrogance and lack of judgment won’t allow for that. Most people know that NATO is funded by America. You might say it’s one and the same. Putin knows that. Friends, I’m sorry to say but by the US constant interference, and insults, continually making Russia the black hat, this is going to come back and bite us right in the backside. There will come a time when Putin and Russia have had a bellyful of the US, and come against us with the superior weaponry they’ve been stashing for just such an occasion, that the US has no idea that it exists.