[Prophetic] “Biden + Harris Equals Two Minus One” – Joe Biden Will Be ‘Retired From Public Life’

The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog 269 subscribers Welcome to The Master’s Voice end time prophecy blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). http://www.the-masters-voice.com (If any video seems grainy on your phone, computer or tablet- check Youtube settings. Look at the top right [3-dots menu] or along the Youtube panel for the cog icon, click “Quality” and choose the highest resolution your device offers- 720p or 1080p. Thank you.) Today’s word: Prophecy that Joe Biden will leave office before his term ends for medical reasons. He will “Retire from public life” and his VP Kamala Harris will be president in his place. God calls her ‘an unelected king’ who will bring about a strong feminist agenda that transforms the face of America and rebrands the nation. But this will edge out half the population [men]. We wait on the times of the Lord. Full prophecy can be seen on the TMV blog: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/01… Related Prophetic words: THE BRICK BREAKER GAME: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/01… NO MORE GRACE: https://the-masters-voice.com/2020/11… Check the channel listing for related videos. Follow this channel- click subscribe and then hit the notification bell for updates. If you would like to support this ministry it’s appreciated. Kindly use Paypal if you can or contact me at mastersvoice@mail.com.