Amazon Selling This Children’s Book Promoting Pedophilia..


Is this what America’s coming to? And some folks are convinced God’s not going to judge America because…to hear them tell it, “there’s still some good people around”. Really? Well, then it would be a good thing if they’d start praying for these kids, because on a daily basis “bad is being called “good”, (like this filthy trash), damaging young children’s lives and bodies irreparably….and on the flip side, “good is being called “bad”….like, if you believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, if you have any kind of a positive opinion, your a fascist, racist, crazy…. weirdo….and so on! America is being guilt-tripped to death by word bending propaganda by the enemy and the church is playing goody two shoes and allowing good and righteous judgment to be trampled in the ground. My question to the church is…”Why would God not judge America? It’s swimming in the blood of innocent children while the church looks on and basically does nothing but hope and pray for a good President next election and then everything will be changed. No it won’t. Wait and see…. the President called for a “National Day of Prayer”.  He even had all his favorite apostate spiritual advisors there. But sadly, neither he nor they called for a “National Day of Repentance”, which God is not only wanting, but He is wanting and still waiting for the evidence of it. And, it’s not happening….unfortunately, time is running out America. God is indeed going to hold your feet to the fire.