5 comments on “Global Elite are Hell-bent on Changing Your Behaviour to Conform! – John Haller

  1. roverradar says:

    Postscript 2 (re: Persecution):

    Hear Spurgeon
    552. Do You know Him? — Philippians 3:10
    https://hearspurgeon.com/552-2 (47:13)

    Thank you kindly, Scarlett.

  2. roverradar says:

    Hello Scarlett,

    If that’s from YT, here’s the full episode (anything from A Minute to Midnite, is best straight from that site):

    433- John Haller – Global Elite are Hell-bent on Changing Your Behaviour to Conform!

    Thank you kindly, and God bless you.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thanks so much! That was a very good video, and very truthful about the way things are! Amen.
      God bless you as well sister.
      Happy New Year and beyond

      • roverradar says:

        You’re welcome, Scarlett! Yes, thank you kindly.

        This 2023 and beyond, May God help us with daily provisions of His strength, perseverance, endurance, understanding, wisdom, guidance, discernment, discipline, and everything else essential needed to help get us through in the refining process, to ALWAYS KEEP our eyes on HIM and hold on TIGHTLY to Him and His Word, more than ever. As we dig deep into His Word, and press in and on to seeking Him daily, for His direction and will in our lives – regardless of the things that stare us in the face.

        May we always remember those who have gone before us, as they faced persecution and stood strong in, and committed to their faith in Jesus < May we learn from them all we can, in NOT denying Him – even in death / martyrdom (and whatever else you are led to add to this).

        Thank you kindly.

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