Today’s word: THE WICKED HAVE COME TO THE END OF THE ROAD. No man knows if he will have time to repent so STAY AWAY FROM EVIL AS A RULE. Yah is giving rewards and judgement. The church will be punished for supporting evil, rejecting victim testimony and covering for unrepentant sin. Old crimes will come to light, victims of the sea will finally get their justice. Africa and America STOP SHEDDING BLOOD AND REPENT. The posture of your heart is what will commend or judge you before Yah, hear the words of the Lord. Read this prophecy on TMV Blog: https://the-masters-voice.com/2022/09… PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you’d like to support this work it’s appreciated. Kindly use Paypal or email me for other options at mastersvoice@mail.com. If using Paypal DO NOT send your gift with “Purchase Protection”, and kindly mention somewhere that it is a gift. This is a freewill offering, I am not selling goods or services. Thank you and God bless. Paypal ——- mastersvoice@mail.com. Please do not use Cashapp. Thank you. Follow this channel- click subscribe then hit the notification bell for updates. SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNELS: (Spanish Channel) “La Voz del Senor”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeLT…


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