Today’s word: The dangers of anal sex are not taught in Church. People don’t know the risks, people don’t know the physical and spiritual cost. All we see are political arguments on TV and a society falling apart over it, but hear the words of the Lord. Homosexuality is an abomination and by any other name it is still SIN. The music and movie industry weaponizes this act to destroy and control people: some are willing, some are victims, some do it for power, money, fame and spiritual gain. In all of this God will rightly judge; He will also rescue and save those He knows are crying out to Him for help out of their own mess. These are urgent matters pressing the church of Jesus Christ to WAKE UP AND BE USEFUL WARRIORS OF GOD, in your prayer, in your targeting of the wicked and in seeking divine mercy for those God will save. You leave the mercy and judgement up to Jesus, HE KNOWS WHO IS WHO.

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