Let’s Talk About the Nephelim-Fallen Angels

End Times Productions 563K subscribers UFOs and UAPs are real according to the U.S. Military. They’ve tracked them, supposedly fired on them, and even recovered wreckage from off-world vehicles not made of this earth. My guest today, Timothy Alberino says the answer to all these things is found in the Bible and also the ancient book of Enoch, one of the oldest books in the world, which is said to be a historical account of the antediluvian era and a record of a lost civilization. Check out more from Tim Alberino right here on my channel – https://youtu.be/YevDgLRsOAw Timothy Alberino, Author of Birthright and the True Legends series. Check out his Youtube channel HERE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNwLD…

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