The Sodomy Ritual, Pt 2 (Graphic/ Children)


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Welcome to The Master’s Voice End Time Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). Today’s word: God is strongly warning about homosexuality, THE SIN OF SODOMY RISING AROUND THE WORLD. THE “RAINBOW” IS FLYING HIGH IN THE SPIRIT REALM says the Lord. Anal sex and anal rape are fast becoming the go-to preferences for sex in America, Europe, Africa and everywhere else. Men in Africa will begin to openly break from traditional gender roles: “This is the sign of the end” says the Lord. Freemasonry, marine lodges, secret societies, male & female leagues are boldly pushing the frontiers of homosexuality into areas it’s never been tolerated. CHILDREN ARE EASY PREY FOR THIS DANGER – either because they make terrible sexual choices or become victims in a terrifying cycle of human trafficking, ritual murder and sexual abuse. These are strong themes- filter appropriately for children but DO NOT LIE TO YOUR CHILDREN ANYMORE AS THEY MAY BECOME SOMEONE’S VICTIM. Additionally all are warned: **STAY AWAY** from sexual immorality, the spirit attached to it will drag even those who have never struggled with same-sex attraction into this life. This is a direct warning from the Lord so heed His words and come out of all immoral lifestyles before it takes you where you don’t want to go. Shalom.


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