LIVE: SHOCKING: Antifa COLLUDING w/ CPS, Threat of Marburg Rises, Neo-Nazi Furries Terrorize America

The Stew Peters Show brings you some incredible new information that you HAVE to see!

A Pro-Life speaker had CPS breathing down her neck because of a false claim coming from an ANTIFA nurse that had been in her hospital room to hear a Pro-Life conversation between her & her daughter after her surgery!

David Jose knows the deep roots of CPS, & joins The Stew Peters Show to expose his findings, the link between CPS & ANTIFA, as well as how we fight this injustice to our fellow patriotic parents!

Why are ulcers and growths appearing in people getting regular COVID tests?
Are Chinese vaccines safer than American vaccines? Are there new lawsuits for remdesivir damage? Dr. Jane Ruby answers these questions and more!

The acceptance of Bestiality has turned classrooms into a Pet Store, and our men into weak, beta SLUGS! The Neo-Nazi, shooter of Buffalo, New York is being covered up by the media and painted at a right-wing hate crime! “Shots Fired” Show host, Deanna Lorraine tells all of what she thinks motivated this attack!

Taffy Howard gives her advice for how we fight back against the incumbent R.I.N.O.’s in office and more on The Stew Peters Show!

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