Like Most Modern Media, Movie Quotes Are A Commentary on a Life Not Lived

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EVERYONE who has lived has watched AT LEAST one movie.

And practically EVERY movie has AT LEAST one quotable line in it.

So, it was that it was, while perusing UNUSUAL or MEMORABLE movie quotes, that one DISCOVERED the fake, manufactured quality of both 1) movie quotes; and, 2) modern life.

Like most modern lives, movie quotes are little commentaries on a life not lived ANYWHERE but on the screen.

And so, after wading through DOZENS of lists of odd movie quotes, the following were selected because they are–IN SOME WAY–as phony as modern life.

There are several duties the reader may be expected to perform while reading such lists.

1) How many quotes was the reader familiar with that made this list?

2) How many–does the reader agree–reflect the utter falseness of modern life?

3) How many appropriate quotes does the reader feel were NOT MENTIONED?


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