LIVE: CNN & Feds Target Roger Stone, Low Testosterone Threatens America, Trump Promotes J&J Owner

It almost seems Trump has a gun in his back, calling the shots.

Monday on the Stew Peters Show, we have 4 INCREDIBLE interviews that you do NOT want to miss!

Roger Stone joins shares how CNN is STILL trying to destroy his life because of his patriotism on J6, and how their efforts have cost him over $40,000 in legal fees.

Dr. Jane Ruby gives her thoughts on why Donald Trump is putting his full SUPPORT behind the owners of Johnson and Johnson, and promoting how much money they are making off of vaccinated bioweapon victims.

DeAnna Lorraine discusses her thoughts on the lengths that demonic pro-abortion activists will go to prevent Roe V. Wade from being overturned!

Mark Effinger shows off his findings as to why the men of 2022 are experiencing drastically low levels of testosterone compared to their grandfathers in the 70s!

Watch all of these segments NOW at & learn more out about The Stew Peters Show’s new sponsor at!

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