LIVE: Cobra Venom Found in Spike Protein, Dr. Liu’s Murder UNCOVERED, Plan To Resist Tyranny

44:27 / 58:40

Streamed on: Apr 19, 6:00 pm EDT


Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, Stew Peters presents a killer monologue on the importance of rejecting identity politics and never forgetting what the Left stole from us.
Investigative reporter Edward Szall shares his new discoveries in Dr. Bing Liu’s Murder, including what the University of Pittsburgh said about his research release date, and the suspicious circumstances of his alleged murder-suicide that clearly looks like a covered up assassination.

Dr. Ivet Bahar
(412) 624-7615

Karen Kingston shares shocking evidence on Dr. Ardis’ COVID snake venom theory, specifically looking at Dr. Bing Liu’s published papers.
Bobby Powell details the insidious activity of January 6th Patriot Day infiltrators, and how the FBI ignored almost 30 minutes of documented video evidence proving the lying media wrong.
And,’s Christopher Key exposes the enemies plot to keep control after airport mask mandates were struck down in Florida.
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