LIVE: Global Famine Imminent Over Ukraine, Cabal Nominates Pedo Justice, R.I.P. Patriot Rich Higgins

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, Lauren Witzke discusses Judge Ketanji Jackson’s protection of pedophiles, the Deep State’s installment of porn advocates in the courts, and more.
Edward Szall details the very real threat of global famine, caused by Ukraine intentionally flooding its prime agricultural land to stop the Russian invasion in its tracks. Stew and Edward discuss how countering satan’s depopulation agenda and filling our souls with the eternally saving Word of God, is the Christ-driven response to this looming international crisis.
DeAnna Lorraine brings light to the blatant lies pushed by the elite cabal, as they feign Covid infection to push death jab propaganda and distract the public through the CIA-seeded war in Eastern Europe.
And, we pay special tribute to the late, great, patriot, Rich Higgins, as Gray Delany explains his public service to the Trump administration and the nation, in the lasting fight against deep state tyranny.

Stew Peters

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