New Normal: Dead Babies, Vaxxed Moms Delivering Injured, Dead Babies

Rumble — This unnamed guest is a nurse and has been for fifteen years. She currently practices in her hospital’s postpartum unit, where she cares for newborn infants. She says she’s seen disturbing things among the newborns born to vaccinated moms. Here’s a partial list: heart murmurs, unusually red skin, jaundice, and shrunken genitals in male infants.
She joins us to discuss.

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8 comments on “New Normal: Dead Babies, Vaxxed Moms Delivering Injured, Dead Babies

  1. What’s freaking me out and pissing me off simultaneously is seeing that there are still multitudes of people that are so delusional they don’t get it or they hear something like this report and they say it’s not true! This is a Global Intended Crime Against Humanity and more people than not are going along with it or avoiding talking about it even; like a global hypnosis is taking place! I’ve been aware that this whole thing was Evil from March 2020 and everything kept adding up to more convincing evidence that my first assessment was correct which started from a spiritual context of prayer and communing with the Holy Spirit, but also my basic common sense along with my lifelong deductive logic capability! Now I’m sure of what the Truth is and that it’s going to keep getting worse moving forward!

    • Scarlett says:

      Like sheep to the slaughter, they line up to get their kill shot, thinking the gov is doing them a favor and taking care of their health. God has given them over to believe a lie because they had not the love of the truth whereby they might have been saved. Sadly, they drag their children along with them. Multitudes will die, as the killing fields fill up with their corpses. The “elite” murderers never warned the masses that the New Reset would include removing most of them. We are in the first half of the Great Tribulation, and the worst is yet to come. All we can do is try to keep on the full armor of God and remain in the secret place of the Most High. Psalm 91.
      Lawrence, thank you for your great comments and visiting the blog. Thank you as well for praying for me, as I haven’t been well, and all my strength seems to go to warring against the enemy Covid and the evil ones.
      I wish you well and that you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.
      Salom, Scarlett

      • Hello Scarlett! I’m sorry to hear about you’re not feeling well and being so drained by all of e wickedness that is permeating it seems just about everywhere and especially where there has traditionally been good the Devil has sent out his many minions to ruin and destroy before the big battle ensues.

        But you hold onto your faith as you do and turn this pain you feel over to Jesus and let’s pray together for the strength and endurance we need now to see our service to the Lord following our Father’s will through to the end! I say this because I get feeling very much the same at times and if I told you in detail how much stress and what attacks on my life by the very powerfully wicked nefarious I have sustained through you would most likely ask how are you still here and not at least insane! I hear so much rhetoric and sugar coating Christianity abounding and people can give lip service to this or that and even Jesus. But they have no idea what they are saying because they speak from a shallow and vain place in their own desires and ego.

        I should be dead several times over and I know what the Devils tricks are like as in I was targeted and persecuted by this corrupted manmade system but I’m glad because I’m only here and trying to make myself available to the Lord now, while I can as a testimony and sheer determination by faith to love Him above anything, so it became a blessing even a learning curve if you will! I suppose we can say martyrs and saints have felt this kind of feeling or gave so much and though I have not come close to suffering as they did I at least know how it tastes and how bitter the world here really tastes when we see it all for what it’s worth; no much being ruled by the prince of darkness, the father of all lies.

        First make sure you are taking care of your health and then stay attuned always to the Holy Spirit I know you can do that because I feel it and I’m sure you are even better at it than me in many respects! But if I can impart and share a little help and even a bit of wisdom to you, and I know you can to me; then we are doing just as the Lord commands in all of His teachings! Fear not and be happy that we are not truly lost and hanging by a thread! I made it this far and I’m not going to ever quit or lose Hope! You do the same and lets be ready for whatever comes and then we will eventually be right where God wants us; with Him in heaven! God bless you and I care too!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

      • Scarlett says:

        Thank you Lawrence and God bless you. I must say, this is a rather normal thing for me to ebb and flow with health issues. My health has always been fragile, but the Lord sustains me. And your words strengthen and encourage me.
        May the Lord bless and prosper you to be in health yourself as your soul prospers.

      • Sister Scarlett, I’m sorry about your fragile health and I’m sure you do the right things to maintain a decent balance or even stimulate a good immune system with good gut health and the like! I make a ginger teat concoction each day in the winter to stimulate my own immune system and it even over a short span of months years ago relieved my propensity to get sinus infections in the winter putting me on a merry-go-round of back to the doctor and more antibiotics and steroids so I wouldn’t be debilitated and not even able to work though it was a vicious cycle and my gut health was being damaged casing me to be less healthy overall but years ago I kicked all that routine and haven’t had a sinus problem since! Don’t take flu shots and I just eat good natural foods and that tea remedy though bitter does some good to help my immune system stay lined up. Just in case you can stand bitter tea I brew a strong green tea! But while that is steeping I put into a large tin mug of mine about a half of a fresh lemon with the pulp along with about a tablespoon or two of fresh grated ginger, a good amount of raw honey and a few big pinches of cayenne pepper. You can try it, and then if it’s too bitter or strong just add some apple juice or your favorite drink to dilute it and get it down that way! You may have some great remedies of your own already but I just thought I should toss this out to you in case!
        Take care and God bless.

      • Scarlett says:

        I see we have a lot in common concerning natural remedies. I have an entire pharmacopeia of various supplements and herbals of all kinds. One of my favorite standby’s that has pulled me out of pneumonia several times is Oregano Oil capsules, 4 or 5 taken several times daily. The stuff’s amazing. That and many other things. I haven’t taken antibiotics for years,
        Thanks for the tip on your health drink. I may try that. I do believe it’s good “medicine”.
        Thanks and God bless….

      • Great Scarlett! This is good news and I’m so glad to hear that you are free of the Big Pharma Chemical Merry-Go-Round that Kills! Some people have no choice as being so long term adapted to those chemicals the withdrawal would kill, so I don’t recommend to anyone! I know its best to avoid all of these corporate cocktails from an early age as much as possible, homeopathic; and be geared toward naturalistic remedies and good clean living with plenty of rest and exercise! Its helped me and if I hadn’t been that way when I had a major industrial highly toxic chemical inhalation injury I would not have been able to pull through initially then have the eventual rebound. we are talking on the concept here of 9/11 ground zero toxic poisoning and we know those poor folks in 1st he responders professions and the like, that were caught in the ground zero area throughout the recovery period, many have since sadly passed on due to those exposures! I thank God I was one of the people that had taken care of my body naturally most of the time once I caught on to how we are lied to; and also of course God’s grace and miracles He provided as long as I didn’t quit and showed my devout faith in Him!

        I may want to know about those remedies some of which I may not be up on like herbs and such sometime, and if you know any for pets too that will be helpful!

        Great to get this news again because it’s encouraging and mainly it says you are on the right footing and not caught up in the toxic medicals!
        God bless you!
        Will talk more I’m sure!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

      • “so much being ruled by the prince of darkness, the father of all lies.”

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