EXCLUSIVE: Jan Sixer Live From Jail, On Phone: Political Prisoner Subjected to Torture

Rumble — We have one of America’s very own political prisoners, calling in directly from the Washington D.C. gulag. Sean McHugh traveled from California to Washington D.C. to support his president. On January 6, he literally never set foot in the Capitol. He only demonstrated outside, against what he thinks was a stolen election. The worst thing McHugh allegedly did is spray a can of bear spray in the direction of some police officers. For that, he’s been hit with ten separate federal charges. He faces up to twenty years in prison if convicted.

3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Jan Sixer Live From Jail, On Phone: Political Prisoner Subjected to Torture

  1. What was I saying Scarlett about staying strong in your faith and we have to never quit, then you post this which is absolutely the epitome of what we were talking about regarding suffering for the right thing and standing up to the evils that plague America; in your previous posting! This is absolutely evil and insane what is going on with our own US Government treating this man or anyone like garbage and for what? He didn’t do any horrible treasonous act or vicious crime but because he isn’t a leftist or a communist he is tortured by the Evil Biden Administration, like we are in North Korea or Old Soviet Russia! This is Crimes Against Humanity happening in America of all things, and in my honest to God opinion Pelosi and Biden deserve this treatment and even execution by our government for Treason if it still worked as our government of the People! But it’s not, it is a Regime of Criminals and Nazis! We’ve seen the evil out of control Antifa that former AG Barr said DHS classified them as domestic terrorists and then; crickets nothing happened and they are funded by George Soros an absolute evil man who is a traitor and terrorist sponsor in America and should have been tried decades ago, along with BLM and Antifa rioters now who actually do such heinous violent crime across America! And they all skate into the sunset each and every time that they have done acts of violence, including mayhem, destruction of “Federal Property,” treason, rape and murder! This is political prisoner persecution and torture what is happening to the January Election Protestors and Ashli Babbitt who was summarily on the spot executed; gets Zero justice or even any respect by the government or media, she who was a good mother and wife with children who served four tours in the USAF! And so we have a corrupt US government to the hilt now, with many of our elected officials doing NOTHING; and it makes me sick! As I’ve said the only thing that I see changing all of this is Jesus Christ in His Second Coming, unless there would be enough of our officials that would unite, change course and get some damn intestinal fortitude with REAL faith in God and say enough already! Then take “action” because there are Constitutional Provisions available to do so; but none are doing a damn thing! Mitch McConnell is a useless sack of cow dung and a Traitor who never meant anything he said or did anything for the people he supposedly represents! All of our Congress is a load of BS and they are the Dregs of Humanity!
    I think sadly and I hope I’m even wrong, because some miracle is about to happen; that this country is finito; as well the entire planet is screwed!

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for your comment Lawrence. Yes, I know it’s frustrating to watch what’s going on in America and see it morph into an evil entity right before our eyes in rapid motion.
      Jan Sixer is not only a great patriot but a Christian as well, and I believe he’s suffering more for that than anything else, because Satan knows how to spot Christians and as much as he hates the general population of mankind made in God’s own image, he hates born again Christians more and desired to hurt and kill them when possible.
      I’m sorry to say, I know in my spirit that all this is not going to turn around before Jesus comes. Satan is having his day in this Great Tribulation. Many are going to suffer and die, possibly even Jan Sixer when they get through with him. But still, we must tell others what’s happening inside that prison and pray for Jan and a miracle that God will perform to set him free and return him safely to his family.

      • Dear Sister Scarlet, thank you! And you’re very welcome! I agree with all you’ve said here and we of faith in Jesus Christ are aware of the horrors being unleashed from the pits of hell upon humanity! The evil possesses so many souls now, and humans in so many instances are not behaving as humans or children of God to such a level of inhumanity that the world has never seen! This is the End, because it’s simple to see how the flood gate of all atrocities has been opened and the only thing that will put an end to it all is the return of Jesus Christ to judge it all; once and for all! I see clearly how things are so beyond abnormal on so many levels it’s hard to believe I’m living in this madness. The vaccines are not that at all; we can see that none of this adds up to anything other than diabolical! This world is truly lost far beyond what it was when the people of Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s time of the flood stepped beyond God’s Law and Truth! I do pray for our Savior’s return sooner rather than later because I can’t stand the ugliness of it all, with so much innocence caught up in the frenzy of evil! This is hell on earth taking over!

        Yes we pray that Jan Sixer and all the persecuted be released from this evil. I’m even sorry to have to speak this way with so much negative at times although I see and speak of any positive which there certainly still is, but so many people are ignoring all of this and being the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand! That is not being a discerning Christian and servant of God’s! Too many souls will be lost in that way so I speak out and say it like it is with no sugar coating at all! A family member who passed away some years ago before all of this but knew how bad things were getting and said how people would be killing each other in the streets and so on; he told me after his long suffering over years, that “we are only here to Love and Serve God!”
        God bless you and hang in there my Friend! Let me know if you need anything! I’ll be praying for you as well!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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