“The Empty Basket”-

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Today’s word: Prophetic dream of future times of hunger in America. A convergence of factors will cause a great drop in self sufficient households, with less men supporting homes and more women and children than ever on government assistance. Families that never thought they’d need welfare are going to be extremely dependent on it, and hunger will rise as the USA becomes poorer than at any other time in history.

These are the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ, let us take heed and be mindful of such economic downturn in the future. Prepare the way of the Lord.

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One comment on ““The Empty Basket”-

  1. June 2, 2021

    I think we’re all feeling like we’ve been walking alone in some dark tunnel for over a year now with all the madness, lock-down isolation, mask covered faces and, social distancing, death, destruction and mayhem around the globe due to the sinister acts by some extremely nefarious persons on this planet! No doubt there are some horrible hombres overseas and namely in China, but, we have some of the worst on the planet here in the good old US of A who are working right in our Federal Government with many of their cronies in many Blue States kowtowing as needed to maintain the Agenda!

    I’ve written for over a year how I saw through so many of the lies and deception set in motion by the evil Swamp in Washington and now the the deep darkest of secrets are beginning to surface exposing the diabolical corruption that’s been at work 24/7 seeking to ruin and destroy anything held sacred and of any value at all here in this Republic under God! I can’t say for sure how things will ultimately turn out but I know their is going to be a heavy price to pay by certain individuals absolutely as I breath and the sun will rise tomorrow; whether they pay the ultimate price here on earth before their coming demise or if justice will be forestalled somehow until they meet our maker, because in the end that is only what really matters anyway!

    These diabolical persons are going down for the count no two ways about it! We can rest assured that Adolph Hitler and Joseph Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death with many others like them are in eternal damnation; but these current practitioners of debauchery are going to be some new company joining those past monsters in the nether region of sheer unquenchable misery and darkness!

    Keep the faith and hang in knowing that Jesus Christ love you and wants all of us to succeed in not falling prey to the twisted and corrupted ways of this world and has the most happy and blissful ending for any of s who will believe and follow Him!


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