3 Foods That Contain Shikimic Acid to Halt Spike Protein Transmission

Friends! I am really exited about this news. It may save many people’s lives, and turn around from a life time of future suffering the nasty effects of the vaccine. There is a LOT of great info in the pages of this link. I just found some great help for myself with the info about nebulized l-Glutithione, and nono silver for my lung and respiratory problems. I’ve been on nebulized NAC (Mucomyst), and 7 percent Pharmaceutical grade Saline solution for awhile, but I know this new over and beyond protocol is going to help keep me healthy. I also just ordered the Star Anise and Gingko capsules to protect me from superspreaders shedding.

3 comments on “3 Foods That Contain Shikimic Acid to Halt Spike Protein Transmission

  1. Wow and this is beautiful exciting news to me also!
    I agree and am now passing this information to those I know who may have more concern for spike proteins! Though I haven’t and will never take the damned death vax I’m a huge homeopathic remedy user and got myself off pharmaceuticals that I needed for a number of years after an industrial chemical injury to my pulmonary system! Not having been a smoker all of my life provided much resilience, and that coupled with using alternatives treatment for the injury I’m meds free now; while the teas I use are the biggest reason for this improvement and better health! I’m going to be trying these teas to maintain proper or normal platelet levels and gain other benefits from this Shikimic Acid.

    Thank you for being on the ball and knowing about this!
    God bless you and bless your heart figuratively and literally in the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen.

    • Scarlett says:

      Taking care of the temple pays off in the long run. This info is going to help…..if only people won’t gloss over it due to just having eyes on the problem instead of the remedy. The Good Lord put so many wonderful herbs and plants for our health and healing, only to go unrecognized by most.
      Thanks and God bless for your timely and thoughtful comment Lawrence.

      • You’re so right! This has to spread and overcome all of the lies! I just made another comment about this very same subject and I will just dovetail it here!

        You’re doing great!!! I find them fascinating and so important; God made them for us to make use of! I just have to find more time to visit and dig in! We’re on a mission!

        This is the answer Scarlett God wants us to help ourselves the best we can with all He has given to us in our bodies and in the environment!

        God bless you for keeping a sharp eye and wise mind on this truth!
        Bless you! Shalom!

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