Do Not Take The Vaccines – October 27, 2021

The Master's Voice


“… for by thy sorceries [pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” – (Revelation 18:23)

These are the words of the Lord Yah to all who are stubborn, all who will not obey or respect the warnings of the Heavenly Father. It is written exactly as I received it so kindly do not read this as “advice” or suggestions. Like every single prophecy of a medical nature I have posted, starting with the most difficult one “Survival Of The Fittest”this too is a direct prophetic warning of the Lord.

“You” was used by the Lord throughout the message – first person singular. That tells me this is personal- it can happen to anyone who decides to ignore the Lord. Therefore read for your own understanding first before sharing. This message is intended to warn, to chastise and show people God’s stance especially :

If they have taken it;

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