This was bound to happen sooner or later. These are hard core men and women that have been seasoned by active duty and trained to fight for their country and the Constitution, unlike the parasites who sit in power doing nothing to foster the welfare of the United States citizenry that supports them. I’ve known for a long time that blood was going to flow in the streets. Pray for these, whom the Lord calls, “The Sons of Freedom” who are willing to fight and die to protect their children, family and Country from those who are making trouble with their laws. “Can a corrupt throne be allied with you— a throne that brings on misery by its decrees?” Psalm 94:20


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    Good Morning USA
    This is Radio Free America talking to y’all from the Heart and Soul of American Patriotism!!!
    Yea Signing On Here!!!
    Y’all Hearing me 5-by-5 C’mon!

    [Verse 1]
    Some folks are born made to wave the flag
    Ooh, they’re red, white and blue
    And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief”
    Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord

    It ain’t me, it ain’t me
    I ain’t no senator’s son, son
    It ain’t me, it ain’t me
    I ain’t no fortunate one, no

    [Verse 2]
    Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
    Lord, don’t they help themselves, no
    But when the taxman come’ to the door
    Lord, the house lookin’ like a rummage sale, yeah

    It ain’t me, it ain’t me
    I ain’t no millionaire’s son, no no
    It ain’t me, it ain’t me
    I ain’t no fortunate one, no

    [Verse 3]
    Yeah, some folks inherit star spangled eyes
    Ooh, they send you down to war, Lord
    And when you ask ’em, “How much should we give?”
    Ooh, they only answer “More, more, more, more!”

    In his memoir Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music, Fogerty wrote:

    Julie Nixon was dating David Eisenhower. You’d hear about the son of this senator or that congressman who was given a deferment from the military or a choice position in the military. They seemed privileged and whether they liked it or not, these people were symbolic in the sense that they weren’t being touched by what their parents were doing. They weren’t being affected like the rest of us.

    God Bless America!

    Love Y’all Brothers and Sisters!

    Standing for God, Country and Family! Amen.

    Signing off for now!

    Brother in Christ Jesus,

    Lawrence Morra III

    • Scarlett says:

      Well done Lawrence! You hit the ball right out of the park on that one. So true, so true.

      • Scarlet Sister in Christ Jesus; I owe it to you and honored to add to the focus you brought to the situation at hand in our Nation! This blog of yours hit me deep and got me feeling deeply in my heart and soul!

        I feel the Nation’s pain, and great love that still abounds; so much good! And I don’t want to see it’s continued decline and dismantling like you and so many Americans like those people in the videos don’t either; too much worth saving and I want God’s mercy to stop the carnage that Biden and his leftist American hating cabal along with all the elitists are propagating!

        Thank you for this inspiration and goodness you invoke!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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