Covid-19 Vaccine Pill by Merck

“The Covid-19 vaccine pill by Merck will be available, to entice you into taking their death jab, in case you don’t like needles.

The U.S. is set to Pay $712 Per Patient for Merck’s COVID-19 vaccine pill.

Merck is set to get $712 per treatment course for its COVID-19 vaccine pill from the U.S. government—even as it costs a fraction of that to produce, and is reportedly on track for a price of $12 in India.

$712 per covid treatment per person? Just when you thought it was too late to buy stock in anything Covid, it looks like you have another chance.

Covid-19 Vaccine Pill by Merck

Politicians will be lining their pockets with this new covid vaccine in pill form, so why not you? Just kidding. I wouldn’t invest any money to help further their genocide agenda.

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