“Strange Creatures, OBEDIENCE, Be Safe Out There” – (Just Sharing)

The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog 4.47K subscribers Please like, subscribe and share this video for a wider reach. Just sharing a few things that won’t leave my mind and heart. I believe God wants us to be aware of (1) rising dangers in the human population, (2) the growing boldness of the supernatural & (3) how our own levels of obedience will make or break our lives in future. Obedience is something that must be PRACTICED and NURTURED daily, or you may not even notice you’re not walking in it until a crucial moment that may cost you dearly. Amen. Please visit my other channels to subscribe and share with others. Thank you. Follow this channel- click subscribe then hit the notification bell for updates. If you’d like to support this ministry it’s appreciated. Kindly use Paypal or contact me at mastersvoice@mail.com. If using Paypal send your gift using the ‘Friends & Family’ option instead of as a “seller”- thank you. Paypal ——- mastersvoice@mail.com KINDLY SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNELS: (Spanish Channel) “La Voz del Senor”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeLT… Rumble: SEARCH FOR mastersvoiceprophecyblog or The Master’s Voice.

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