5 comments on “Woman in End Stage Renal Failure Denied Life-Saving Transplant Because She’s Unvaccinated

  1. Absolutely a travesty and evil! How can there be so many absolutely evil people operating in unison around the planet other than demonic forces are possessing them! This is beyond nightmare material and is now entering into Hell on Earth Territory! There will have to be a Battle to change this or it’s all over!
    Thank you Scarlett for this reminder!
    God bless you!

    • Scarlett says:

      I’ve been reminded of this myself more than once recently Lawrence. It’s a sign of the times we’re living in at the end of the age, when evil men prevail. And so do they not always think well of themselves? Calling good evil and evil good? Satan is going to have his day, as Jesus said in Matthew 24, just before the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has His during the Great and terrible Day of the Lord. Unfortunately for me, I dislike suffering. Who doesn’t? But looks like those alive in the near future are going to have more than a taste of it.
      Shalom Lawrence!

      • Absolutely well said Scarlett! That is what’s going on here in this madcap upside-down almost a global insane asylum and so many puffed up self-righteous politicians tooting their horns and riding high and mighty are digging themselves so deep into the mire and decay they have surrounded themselves with for many years, aka Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, McConnell, Romney and on and on with very few exceptions or exemptions now among the lot; that when the appointed time arrives these are many of the one’s Holy Scriptures say will proudly and arrogantly march right into their assigned eternal confinement in Hell!

        And I agree things will get so bizarre and as well as fiendish or ghoulish and macabre, it will be like a freak show of Beelzebub’s follies causing so much ugly suffering that people that are good will cry for relieve and welcome death; as the immorality and arrogant decadence take full control of society! So sad that the human race would not wake up over all this time giving in to the Evil One, and I say a final nail in this crooked ways of the world coffin we are part of is what I mentioned the other day when I was reading how the actual number now for aborted helpless innocent human babies is at 1.5 Billion since the evil process began in earnest back in the 70’s! That is a bridge too far to have humanity cross now to repair the damage done if that were even possible so the debt of sin is globally crushing the life out of humanity!

        We thought the Atrocity of Auschwitz was so unbelievably evil which it was but think of what the whole human race has been conducting for these decades a 1.5 Billion mass psychopathic serial murder spree almost all of which derived from people committing mortal sin to begin with then topping it off with murder of the most innocent; and an actual sacrifice of human babies to Satan is what it boils down to!

        Not looking like this world deserves any breaks anymore and so I welcome God’s Judgment and I pray for it; I’ve had it with the lip service and total deceptions abounding!

        The good news is that if there wasn’t enough good worth saving this would be all over with already, but God will sort it all out and in the shambles of this toxic waste dump of mankind and his perverse “ways of the world” there will be much good extracted for salvation and eternal bliss with God in heaven.

        We can rest assured that it’s going according to plan and not deviating one bit from what God spoke to us in His Holy Scriptures as being what must come to pass and all His good and Truth will come to fruition! Amen.

        Thank you for this insightful and powerful perspective you bring!
        God bless you and yours!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

      • Scarlett says:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts Lawrence. Yes, indeed God is still on the throne and it may not seem like it to many unskilled eyes, but all is pretty much going according to schedule.
        I think how sad it must have made Noah as he warned and labored many years, yet they didn’t listen, and then when it was too late, only 8 humans entered that ark, We don’t know how many people were in the world at that time, but percentage wise if only say…a similar small percent qualifies to enter the End Time Ark, then there is going to be many that perish during the Day of The Lord’s Wrath. In other words, most people who will be alive at that time, won’t make it but rather, will be sealed out for all eternity. This should be a time when people are building their faith, instead of frolicking in all manner of folly and decadence the way most are doing.

      • “I think how sad it must have made Noah as he warned and labored many years, yet they didn’t listen, and then when it was too late,” that is so telling Scarlett!

        It boggles the mind and brings sadness to the heart thinking that way back then all those human beings would not take heed but even now here we are in such an advanced modern time with so much more readily available information available, especially all of the New Testament to give anyone who cares all they need to know God’s prophetic plan for His children; yet most it seems turn their backs on such and seek folly or madness!

        The Devil’s grip on the crooked ways of the world is self-evident and damning! But Free Will is intact as it should be and the choice is there for any able bodied mentally fit mature person to see the Light and Truth of God Almighty our Creator and Judge! Amen.

        Thank you for these insights and testimony Scarlett; my Sister in Christ!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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