God is Not Your Frenemy-Pt 1

“GOD IS NOT YOUR FRENEMY- PT 1″I am sensing that God wants to do a work, a deep DEEP work in the hearts of women especially (but men also), in how they see Him. ESPECIALLY IN THIS SENSITIVE AREA OF LATE MARRIAGE. People think God is their obstacle, their delayer, the One not hearing their prayers. They think HE is the one refusing to bless them, and this wrong perception gives us a devilish, lying view of Jesus over time. This has grieved His heart… 😭 Stop letting satan deceive you please- Jesus is all Love AL-WAYS. ❤ He is your biggest supporter in this life!Frenemy: A “friend” who secretly works as an enemy.Sisters ESPECIALLY, hear the word of the LORD. I am not your enemy. I am not “denying you”. I am not “punishing you”. I am not “ignoring you”, nor am I ‘testing your spirit’ by making you wait ten or nine or fifteen years for a husband (or wife). I am not using your waiting time to “test your strength”, or to make you watch the calendar. I am a God of ORDER. I am a God of PROCESS. I am a God of PRINCIPLES, and once godly requirements are met a woman will find herself easily and suddenly delivered into marriage by my own hand, BY MY OWN SPIRIT. I AM A GOD OF PEACE, COMMUNION AND LOVE – I CREATED “THE HOME” and “TOGETHERNESS”; I ALONE MADE MAN. I made Adam and his helper, Eve. It is written ‘He created them male and female in the day that they were made’. It is written ‘And the Lord saw that it was good’. So why would I hamper the desire of marriage in my people? BELOVED, THIS IS NOT SO.I AM THE Lord God Almighty who sees the thoughts and intents of the heart (Jere. 17:10); I am He who is seated in high places and hears all conversations of men (Psa 139:4). I witness their spirits when they are asleep on their beds (Job 33:15-16), and I know all their way before one of their days has come to pass (Psa 139: 16). I will be faithful to SHE WHO SHOWS HERSELF FAITHFUL (Psalm 18:25). WALK HOLY BEFORE ME AND BE BLAMELESS (Gen. 17:1). Let your adornment not be with outward marks of righteousness, but with a worthy posture of the HEART, AND I WILL SEE YOU AND VISIT YOU WHEN IT IS YOUR TIME FOR LOVE. (Ezek. 16:8)I JEHOVAH will be faithful to bring you to the place of Destination when you have prepared as a Bride prepares for her Bridegroom. I AM THE REAL BRIDEGROOM. Cleanse yourself as a vessel fit for my use. Drape yourself with my word, use my righteous teaching as a veil to cover your eyes. Be meek as the dove, gentle as the lamb, constant in prayer AND SEEK ME ABOVE YOUR DESIRES. Then I will come to you, put my hand on your head and say ‘Talitha Cumi’- Maiden ARISE, and you will be ushered forth to meet the husband of your destiny. Selah.This is the word of the Lord.See Part 2 next for the breakdown… Share from this page as you are led, God bless you. ❤


2 comments on “God is Not Your Frenemy-Pt 1

  1. kimkim76 says:

    Excellent word!!!

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