The Untold TRUTH Behind Illegal Immigration

Candace Owens reveals the shocking truth about illegal immigration that the media doesn’t want you to know. Watch the full episode here:…

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2 comments on “The Untold TRUTH Behind Illegal Immigration

  1. Probably not going to waste my time on this one… No offense to you personally. In case you don’t know I am African-American. Candace Owens in a paid mouthpiece by conservative media who uses her platform to tell the world how “stupid” black people are under the GUISE of allegedly trying to enlighten us. She has NO CREDENTIALS but white conservatives are in LOVE with her because she is speaking their narrative. However, they won’t ever read a book or listen to African-American SCHOLARS who have actually spent a great portion of their lives researching. I admit that it highly offends me that so many Christians love Candace and ignore her nasty tone towards people of  color. But alas what can I do… 

    • Scarlett says:

      Hello Hard Candy…Haven’t seen you post for at least 5 yrs….and never on one of my posts that I can recall, til now.
      I don’t take what you’ve said here personally, but I am surprised to hear so much political and racial rancor in your tone towards Candace Owens, and “white conservatives”, etc. This is exactly one of the things the Lord has been warning about for a long time now, that Americans were going to be at swords points over political, racial, spiritual issues. For Christians this is a serious matter, whether we are going to jump into this bloody political, racial, spiritual war, or are we going to stand down and obey Christ. Everyone has opinions, but we need to be clear about what we base those opinions on. Finally. I think we need to be more mindful of how we define “Christians”. I could get in a whole lot of trouble on that one!
      OK, just to be clear to you and other readers that come along about why I posted that video in particular. It had nothing whatever to do with Candace Owens personally, but she happened to do an outstanding work of interviewing a Guatemalan woman’s personal hell of going through Mexico, and on into, and THROUGH the various United States via the cartels . I live close to the southern border, and have watched this migration for years, and have what you might say, a personal interest and need for awareness of what’s going on.
      God bless you, and pray that you prosper as your soul prospers….

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