“Undone” – July 3, 2021

The Master's Voice

“Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”- (Isaiah 53:1)

This is the word I received while my neighbors were setting off early fireworks and hauling grills to their front yards this Fourth of July weekend. God spoke again about His main topic: what will come for America.

He said America doesn’t know she is celebrating her ‘lasts’- her beloved family and national rituals are happening for their last cycles but she isn’t aware of it. The worst part is- would we ever know? As we pass through them how would we know that this one is “the last one”? That’s the tragedy of oblivion- you’re not watchful, you don’t tighten your belt or plan ahead until the moment things suddenly change for the worse. Only then do you look back and realize: “Oh… I didn’t know. That was the last time.”

We experience it…

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One comment on ““Undone” – July 3, 2021

  1. LorQ says:

    I said to my husband that this year’s 4th of July seems depressing. There were many fireworks, but the joy of celebrating was missing. Think people realize something is amiss, but what it is eludes many. Pray many seek God now.

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