“Godly Repentance, Pt 2 – What God Wants Us To Know NOW” [RE-UPLOAD]

“Godly Repentance, Pt 2 – What God Wants Us To Know NOW” [RE-UPLOAD]

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Today’s word: Continuing to look at TRUE REPENTANCE which involves have a full and correct understanding of 2 Corinthians 7: 8-11.

What distinguishes true repentance from the false feelings of shame we feel when we break God’s laws? Do we make trade-offs and excuses for our sin – and if we do- how do these things prevent the process of genuine repentance? Asking God for forgiveness and learning how to live free of rebellion is a great protection to us and to our nations, as repentance is the only seed that can give birth to true revival. Let us heed the Lord.

KEY TEXT: 2 Corinthians 7:8-11

Please be warned: The Lord is truly calling us to repentance. As I prepared this word He said said to me:

“Do people really understand what a gift I’ve given them in REPENTANCE? Do they know there is no other way their sin will be removed from them, except by application of the precious blood of my Son? SIN LIES LEAVY UPON THE LAND AND UPON ITS PEOPLE. UNLESS THEY REPENT FOR THEIR SIN THEY SHALL BY NO MEANS BE EXEMPTED FROM THE JUDGEMENTS TO COME.”

Please let us take these warnings and guidances from the Lord Jesus Christ seriously.

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