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End Time Talks

If you haven’t seen the documentary “IRON MOUNTAIN” yet, you are in for a treat. It’s chilling to the bone, as we who happens to be in the midst of the Covid-19 era, clearly can see how the world is moving towards Global Government at Warp Speed. Almost every target in the Iron Mountain Report have been reached, and the world consequentially ripe for the introduction of the Antichrist. The purpose of the makers of this movie, is to give a warning to the world, from a Christian viewpoint. It is a two and a half hour documentary on the 1966 Iron Mountain Report, requested by John F. Kennedy’s administration. Due to a leak, this explosive document went public, and caused a great stir around the world. It is the agenda of the elite on the methodology of a complete takeover of the United States and the world, via the…

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  1. Scarlett, I put the video in my YouTube watch later. Thank you. I will pray and watch. ❤

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