A Woman will be President: “I am Woman” a prophecy from 2001 coming to pass in 2021

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Prior to the Destruction: The Spirit that Strengthens all things Feminine
Through Steven Crowder

“A spirit has arisen in your country, My son,—a spirit that was put in place, according to My will, decades ago. It is growing in strength and influence, and no one shall be able to stop its progress, says the Lord. Those who attempt to do so shall proceed forth in vain—it will be as futile as attempting to stop the rain from falling in Noah’s day. This is the great judgment upon your country, and no one will be able to stop it. I will cause it to run its course in your nation, and when things are in their proper place, it is then I will cause the foretold catastrophic events to take place that will crush this modern day harlot known as the United States of America.”

“The spirit of the strong woman…

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