The Summer Is Past – October 30, 2020

Is this real and possible? Yes, if you read about the Nephelim in Genesis 6, and the power and supernatural aspects of the fallen angels. Yes, if you understand, even now they are directing wicked men in laboratories to clone humans, soul-less humans. Only God can give man a soul.

The Master's Voice


“The harvest is past, the summer is over, and we are not saved!” – (Jeremiah 8:20)

God says: “You trusted your leaders. They told you disease would be contained in the summer and you believed them. Yet you fall from sickness now more than ever. How can this be, you say? You are under a false flag attack, the greatest one in history. Scarcely has there been a con so brave, so audacious, so daring as to bring the nation of America to her knees; scarcely would they dare to try it in times past. But a con to trick the whole world? A con to trap every nation, to drag them into a snare and a net and feed them to eaters of flesh, and drinkers of blood? Aren’t you the delicacy now America, aren’t you about to feel the sharpness of witches teeth?”

They have brought out…

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