“North” – (Russian Invasion In Winter)

The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog Welcome to The Master’s Voice end time prophecy blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). http://www.the-masters-voice.com Today’s word: Prophecy of the fast and furious clandestine attack on the USA. It will be a “Blitzkrieg revolution”- quick and painless for the Russians, but the U.S. will suffer great losses because she is unaware of a threat. However WE are not unaware, so we must pray and ask God to show us our role. We must keep ourselves close to Jesus, and not let our lamps burn out as some are doing. These are serious matters, read the full prophecy here: https://the-masters-voice.com/2020/01… Other related links: D Day: https://the-masters-voice.com/2019/12… Enemy At The Gates: https://the-masters-voice.com/2019/12… Thank you, follow this channel- click subscribe and then hit the notification bell for updates. If you’d like to support the ministry you’re welcome to: Cashapp —- $Celestial44 Paypal ——- mastersvoice@mail.com

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