Hearing The Voice Of God, Pt 2 – September 19, 2020 — The Master’s Voice

This is part 2 of the last prophetic word. LISTEN EVEN IN DARKNESS – Sept. 19, 2020 For 3 days this earth shall be dark as soot and pitch, it will be starless and very cold. It will look and feel like outer space where there is no warmth and My presence shall not be […]

Hearing The Voice Of God, Pt 2 – September 19, 2020 — The Master’s VoiceMy brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment. (James 3:1)
So I (this is Celestial speaking now) am sharing how God said how many are under false pressure to participate in what He calls “The Great Christian Conversation”. There’s so much talk in the body of Christ with so little doing, that it is exhausting even to anyone who simply prefer to spend time with God and mind their business. I would not be here had God not sent me, the chatter and echo of online life is mind boggling. Social media unknowingly creates waves of upset in the soul that make our time with God shallow and insincere sometimes, because in the back of our minds we’re with Him to get something “good” that can later be shared to appear wise to others.  God said the pressure to appear learned and knowledgeable is preventing many of His people from participating in deeper waters with Him. The need to come and report what happened in bible study this morning has created a kind of… I don’t know.. soulish Christian Instagram addiction where everyone wants everyone else to know “Listen what God said to me this morning. Wow!”

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