Plandemic Starvation of America…..the lies continue

Stuff you need to read, that they don’t want you to read…… and KNOW….!! About what’s going on behind the scenes, not in the best interest of you and your children. What can you do about it? Not much…but at least, store food and staples while you can and while your fiat money will pay for it. And…while at least some of it’s still on the shelves and available. YouTube has been yanking the Atlantis Report videos like this off the Tube…please share before this one is gone as well. I guess YT and their buddies don’t want this info to get out to the American public? Hmm…..I’ve noticed with online and pick-up orders during this lockdown, (house arrest), that many items are “out of stock”, and…….many are being limited to you’re only being able to buy minimum quantities, like one or two….including fresh, frozen, and canned meat, pork and chicken. This is a form of rationing…no doubt about it. There will be more to come as national food supplies continue to decline.


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