War Is Coming – July 26, 2020

Wisdom stands crying in the streets, but no one listens….do they think it will never happen to them, or do they just want to turn the shoulder away because to heed the warning would mean they’d have to change their comfortable lifestyle, both physically and spiritually? All the while they are like children sleeping in a death trap, not knowing the danger, that a Holocaust is in the making.

The Master's Voice

civil war

I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his own brother, and everyone against his neighbour. City against city, kingdom against kingdom. – (Isaiah 19:2)

I received this first part of a prophecy during our 11 a.m. online service this morning:

Civil war is coming to this nation, a violent upheaval that tears the fabric of American society apart. First a war of IDEOLOGY- severely divided views that will eventually spill over into graphic physical violence. A man will take up weapons to defend himself and his property- each man to his own. There will be no support from law enforcement or armed forces, they will be kept busy with issues of national defence and personal survival. Citizens will be left to their own defences.

ARMED MILITIAS WILL ARISE, some of them built around personal beliefs like skin and race, but the vast majority of these groups…

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